Tell Me A Story Tees~Aspen ~Breast Cancer ~Youth (story in description)

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Tell Me A Story Tees~Aspen ~Breast Cancer ~Youth (story in description)


Limited edition 

The Aspen 

In honor of a strong young woman, who despite her illness saw beyond herself and brought awareness, and support to an up-and-coming community art center. 

Proceeds, after costs, from our limited-edition line will go to caregivers/children of families who are in end-of-life care/hospice due to breast cancer.

True to size.

Wear often, machine wash cold, tumble dry low

A Mother, A Daughter, A Wife, A Friend, A Teacher, A Dancer, An Arizona Cardinal Cheerleader, A Red Raider, A Soul who Understood the Power of Love...A Light that Shined Bright on All She Knew.
Dedicated to Aspen Marthaler
How appropriately she was named.  
The Aspen tree most often grows from the roots of an established tree…and so ASPEN grew from the firm foundation of Faith and a Love of God. The wood of the Aspen tree is hardwood.  It is white and soft but strong and pliable at the same time…Like ASPEN.  
The leaves of the Aspen tree shimmer and dance in the summer sun…Like ASPEN.  
The leaves of the Aspen tree burn golden and at their brightetst as winter approaches…Like ASPEN.  
Aspen trees grow quickly into tall majestic trees reaching for the sky, but they are sadly short lived…Just Like ASPEN.  
But also like Aspen…an Individual Aspen Tree might live only 30-40 years above ground but the root system lives on even after the individual tree is gone…So Like ASPEN.
Aspen had a deep and profound understanding of 3 simple words.  These 3 words, when set into motion, changed the world in which she walked and affected all those that knew her for the better.  That “effect” lives on today.  These 3 words propelled Aspen on an incredible voyage where people from all walks of life were attracted to her being, to her infectious smile and genuine sincerity.  She was a magnate for all that is good and brought out the best in those around her.  These 3 words kept her courageous in the face of dark times and set the winds of sail to conquer fears and move mountains.  The meaning of these 3 words have eluded scholars for centuries and are sought by many and found by few.  It was Aspen’s Secret that she demonstrated daily and literally affected thousands of people.  It was her secret to living an extraordinary life, full of vibrant colors in a world fraught with black and grey.  She demonstrated this secret with her children that she dearly loved, her husband and immediate family, and now we share it with you.
The Aspen Effect continues…