Kaj “Bear” Shrode and the Hustle Kindness® Movement

In 2012, Peach’s Neet Feet introduced our family to a safety net of support following the devastating burn injury of our 7-month-old baby. What was presented as one act of kindness – in a time when our world was consumed by tragedy – sparked the beginning of a new kind of fire that rages inside us today...

Peach’s Neet Feet and the Hustle Kindness® Headquarters operate across the country from us, but the driving force behind their movement continues to leave a profound impression on our lives in Indiana. Kaj, our baby, is now 7 years old. Growing up “different” and with the values behind the Hustle instilled in his daily life, he knows better than anyone the power of giving and receiving kindness.

When my son has been silenced through bullying over his appearance, they have become his voice. When our world has been shaken, again and again, by a life that may always feel broken, they’ve been there to make sure we didn’t feel defeated or alone. And last year, after years of love from afar, they flew our family of six to their home state of New Mexico, pulling off the greatest Hustle of freedom they could have ever gifted us.

I can never adequately thank for that.

In Peach’s Neet Feet’s many outreaches, perhaps the purest act of kindness is through care packages, donated in times when love is needed the most. Through 46 surgical procedures, people like you have hustled our family care packages in times of struggle many times. Containing things like gas cards, food cards, art supplies and busy things for Kaj to do while recovering from surgery, these boxes were invaluable to us, and made possible directly through purchases from the Hustle Kindness® Headquarters. 

Proceeds from purchases there support care packages for kids all over like Kaj; lives that have been changed forever through injury and illness. The smiles and HOPE for a better tomorrow these “love bombs” bring is not something I can describe in words. Sometimes, they’re the only things we can hold onto!

To Hustle Kindness® in this way is to touch the lives of little ones you may not know, but who need you all the same. We who Hustle speak with a kinder voice, we love with a bigger heart. It’s not a slogan or a brand, it’s a way of life.

Check out Kaj's shirt here.

With one shirt, you are instantly a part of something much bigger.

Be a part of something bigger.

Hustle Kindness®.


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