Michael Young, a former Arizona Cardinals football player and current ESPN announcer for the St. Louis Rams presented JC with a pair of custom painted “dirt bike” shoes. What an amazing day! A big thanks goes out to Michael Young, for delivering, and Ruben Gomez for providing the awesome paint job! 

Michael Young Shoe Fairy - Peachs Neet Feet 

JC is from Palmyra, Missouri. He celebrated his 8th birthday last week (May 5th) in the pediatric intensive care unit at Children’s Hospital in St. Louis. JC was diagnosed with DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma), an inoperable cancerous brain tumor, in April of last year. Prior to diagnosis, JC was an athletic little boy who loved playing soccer, baseball and football. The tumor has caused him to have a progressive decline in function to the point that he has lost the use of his right side, is confined to a wheelchair and can barely speak. A little over a week ago he started having extreme difficulty breathing and was admitted to the PICU at Children’s and placed on a ventilator.

JC was surprised by a visit from Michael Young to deliver his “dirt bike” shoes. Michael was the first person in a long time that was able to make JC smile (not an easy task when you have a breathing tube in your mouth!). The smile, a fist bump and a thumbs up for Michael were responses that the family hasn’t seen from JC since he was admitted to the hospital. Michael’s kindness touched our hearts and will be forever remembered.