What you gave to our family was nothing shy of a miracle. Days before Quinton earned his Angel wings you were in full force making sure you finished his Neet Feet!

Quinton and Juwan Howard

What you may not know, is that when I received the initial application it was not me who decided what would make the perfect shoes, it was Quinton. What you created, was Quinton; YOU made the writing on a piece of paper, a vision in his mind come to life. Truth is, you gave him hope…hope to fight & fight hard because he knew he had an extended support team and family cheering him on!

Unfortunately, Quinton never got a chance to see his special kicks the way we wanted him to see them. (Though I do know he saw them from the Heavens).

What the Howard’s gave to our family was equally as spectacular. Quinton passed on his brother’s 14th birthday. These boys had a special bond. Not just because they were brothers, but because they were best friends. Sure, they fussed with one another, all siblings do, but it never lasted long! Losing your best friend, your brother, is unimaginable. But losing him on your birthday, totally unexplainable. Juwan & Jenine Howard gave Gregory a piece of his brother back when they honored him by bringing his Peach’s Neet Feet shoes to him at the Heat game days after Quinton’s passing (and letting him have a perk or two! It was exactly what was needed. A blessing.

Madison “Peach” Steiner, I know it’s not easy having a dream and trying to find a way to prove your movement is so important… but please don’t give up! You are the light in a dark place; the smile when it’s a day full of tears. You are that fresh breath of air this world needs.

I thank you and the Howard’s from the bottom of my heart and beyond. You are and will forever be in my heart. Lots of love.

Autumn & Family