Debbie Chapman

I am old, not real old but you know, I have been to the top of the hill and am now starting down the journey of the other side.  I was a prideful, set in my ways,  selfish, demanding, very busy, and cranky veterinarian.  I say this because busy professionals aren’t looking to become different because we are already successful at what we do so why change?!

I changed because of the work that Madison Steiner does!  I was moved from a person who didn’t care about anyone really to become someone who now spends my days looking to be kind to other people!  I don’t need to be kind, I don’t need any extra attention, I am striving because Madison made me believe it was better!  Better for our nation, better for our soul, better for humanity and better for me and she is right!

We live in a society of people who are looking for things to be different, we want things to be better, but we are unwilling to do anything different to get it!  We have our hearts broken because our own children are bullied or we read a story of a child who is made fun of and we want a better world!  But what are we doing to change it?  Nothing!  But Madison is doing something!  She is giving joy, she is shouting kindness at the top of her lungs and a few of us are hearing and we are joining!  But there needs to be more!

You see, people want other people to be kind but they dont want to actually have to be kind themselves because it is hard work!  It is not rewarding in what you get from other people!  The adage that no good deed goes unpunished is mostly true and it is discouraging but if one gets their focus off self and on to others, those things no longer matter!  When we are kind not for the post on Facebook but just because that is who we are, it all of a sudden becomes something amazing, something that you strive to do and to become, it becomes not hard at all!

It is because of Madison’s relentless dream of a changed world that I have changed!  Because I have changed those around me have changed!  My world is changing because a woman had a dream to change the world and to spread and hustle kindness and my world is changing and my life is definitely better for it!
Madison started Peach’s Neet Feet as an outlet for her struggles with life.   As an artist she wanted to do something that would benefit those who had life struggles much like herself.  She started painting shoes for children with cancer and life threatening conditions and illnesses.  Shoes that celebrated the child and not the disease.  Shoes that were magic and could bring a change just by having them on!  Shoes that not just touched the feet but also touched the heart and revived the soul!  

She started the Hustle Kindness movement for two reasons, first because these children she was sending shoes to were often bullied or stared at or rejected by their peers and society because they were different, they looked different and they lived lives in hospitals and could not be like healthy kids.  They needed kindness!  They needed love!  So she developed T shirts to support them by inspiring people to be kind.  

The second reason for the Hustle Kindness movement was to sell t shirts to support her non profit.  You have no idea how expensive it is to not just buy the shoes but to ship them to the different painters, then ship them to the child.   While people are all about saying they want to help, few follow through!  Many may give a small one time donation but that does not help the need the next month and the month after that etc.  The t shirts help where the donations fail. Her desire to show kindness to these children and these families has stretched forth like a vine and it has touched some of us and brought us into the family and changed our lives!  Her desire to bring kindness and love to the lives of suffering children has brought it into the lives of those of us who had no idea we were even suffering!  

We need more change, we need more kindness and the only way that will happen is if it is revealed, if kindness is celebrated, if those in the public’s eye make it as important as those of us who aren’t!