Hustling Kindness...

Hustling Kindness is a mission. It’s a constant effort to spark that feeling you get when all the good chemicals are released in your brain. It’s a journey of connecting people with your electricity.

Have you ever seen that video of the guy in the subway watching his ipad with his headphones in? Whatever he’s watching has to be hilarious because he’s in a nonstop fit of laughter. His laughter erupts and the whole subway car gets his attention, but he doesn’t notice. He chuckles, and then the person next to him chuckles. He’s done it, he passed on his energy, sparking that feeling in the guy sitting next to him. He giggles this time, and the girl across the car can’t hold it in, she giggles too, she’s sparked! This sparking continues, one person, then the next, on to the next, and so on and so forth.

It’s contagious, everyone keeps sparking until the whole cart is lit up with laughter. All of this bright joy from one act of laughter, one act of sharing his happiness, one act of kindness. This is the hustle. Being the cause that cultivates happy effects. Hustling kindness means making my electricity flow kind, sparking that feeling that floods through your body right before you laugh, and encouraging others to take it and use it to light up the world around them.