From Presley’s mom Alysa…

“Sometimes some of the greatest blessings come in cute small packages, like that of a toddler size 7 shoe box. Peach’s Neet Feet honored Presley with her very own special pair of hand painted shoes from a unique individual who gives back! They are complete with a princess castle, heart breaker, super hero power, an ice cream truck, ice cream cone, polka dots, pink & gold sparkles, her very own hash tag #hopeforpresley, and a peach. We love them so much. Presley loves shoes and when I heard of Peach’s Neet Feet, I knew this was something Presley was going to love…

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

These shoes will be with us through our journey and fight and carry her to a day she is cancer free and considered a survivor.

Rory and Courtney Duckworth were the shoes fairies who delivered the shoes to Presley. It was so fun to meet Rory and Courtney and we hope to go ride bikes together soon! The timing was perfect. We needed a distraction while we were at the hospital. It did not take her long to get those shoes on and put them to work, riding her Strider of course. Presley has magic shoes and a Strider. Cancer fears her!

Each shoe is hand painted and we were honored to have Madison “Peach” Steiner be the artist for her shoes… She is amazing. Peach is such an inspiration of random acts of kindness. We hope we get to give her a big hug someday!

The cape and mask also came tin the box! Some people never meet their hero. I make breakfast for mine every day!

My heart is still smiling from the first smile when I tied those kicks on her feet. Presley shows her kicks to everyone including the nurses and strangers! It amazing what a simple shoe can do for someone. It gives us hope and courage to continue this fight.”