Stormi Boland

While I would say that my life hasn’t always been all sunshine and roses, I’d have to say there’s been a lot of sparkles of kindness during my adult life.
Really, I had been hustled long before I knew that “Hustle Kindness” was a thing.

From my supervisor (police) who drove from an agency 30 miles away to escort my mother’s funeral, to the donations collected amongst my department and the city employees that allowed me to stay close to my baby in the NICU, and the internet friend who I had never met in person offering to help in anyway she could while my daughter was hospitalized.

When I became a mom for the first time to a baby missing an organ that would also require a leg amputation at 18 months old, my aunt refused to let me walk through those experiences alone. After Hope’s father left when she was 2 months old, my aunt often babysat Hope while I worked six days a week to provide for myself and Hope. She accompanied me to doctors appointments, blood draws, and surgeries for Hope. Words are not adequate to describe the gratitude I feel for my Aunt Deedee.

Hope received a pair of Peach’s Neet Feet in 2015 custom painted to her preferences which led to our family eventually meeting Peach and her bear tribe a year later.

We were invited for the Peach’s Neet Feet Gala 2017, Hope was a special guest and someone had covered the price of our tickets for the event.
It would honestly take months to tell you EVERY way I feel that my family and I have been shown kindness.

My FAVORITE part is when I Hustle others.

When I Hustle Kindness, I love to find the people eating alone, the members of my own community or other communities who “protect and serve” or the elderly friends sharing a lunch. Sometimes I paint colorful rocks with inspirational messages on them to hide for random citizens of my county to find. I also enjoy hustling the not so kind folks who honk at me in the drive thru line, that also provides teachable moments for my children.

I would agree that there’s not enough kind in this world. When I’m no longer here

I want others to be able to say “She was kind, she loved fiercely and intentionally!”

Until then, I’ll be in my piece of the world doing all I can to make this place a little bit of a happier place to be.

Thank you for inspiring me!

-Stormi Boland, Mother of PNF Superstar Hope