What Is One Thing Everyone should know about Pete?

The one thing that I want everyone to know about Pete, is that he loved his life. He lived to make people laugh, and to get reactions (both positive and negative) with his mischievous tricks. 

If he wasn’t ordering his minions around majestically, he was gracing us with his smiles, hugs, sneaky licks, and musical laugh. Life was so much fun with Pete around. Even when he was decidedly naughty, we would secretly rejoice in his rascally ways.
Pete loved life enough to ignore the bad stuff. Vomiting was no more drama than sneezing, and pain just was… Even in his direst days, he would still smile or poke his tongue out at people. I remember when he was in the Emergency Department with sepsis and crashing blood pressure, he was still poking his tongue out to the nurses in the E.D., just a short time before he needed to be intubated and on a ventilator.
Even though the leukaemia got him in the end, I know that it never destroyed, or even dented, Pete’s joyful spirit. Pete lived life like there was no tomorrow. And that is what I will always love about him the most.