Why we will never stop Hustling Kindness…

Landon recieved his very own PNF’s in November of 2016. In his shoes and his Hustle Kindness gear he has advocated for Rare Diseases.

He has opened up a dialog for strangers not only to ask about his cool shoes but also to ask about who HE is. In his shoes he has spoken his first words and accomplished several other things his doctors said he may never do. He attended his first day of pre-K and spread the message of Kindness to all of his new friends and teachers. He has stomped around the playground in his Hustle Kindness shirt and made people smile. He has rocked his “Be Kind” shoes wearing nothing else but a hospital gown while awaiting his 16th surgery.

We hustle kindness to make the world a better place, to remind people there is plenty of good in the world and to advocate for kids with Craniofacial Syndromes. It is so important to be kind to ALL those we meet, regardless of appearance. We have been on the recieving end of plenty of stares and whispers but our Hustle Kindness shirts are our armour and maybe if people see my incredible son living the mission they will focus on that instead of his differences.

Probably the most incredible thing about his shoes is the fact that he is rapidly out growing them. He is stronger everyday and growing up so fast. He is accomplishing things he was told he would never do and that is a gift that is not lost on me. We have seen some incredible kids and fellow Hustlers who have not had the priviledge of out growing their shoes and now we Hustle for them as well.

Landon has brought us so much joy, it has taught us that even in the midst of fighting big battles their is beauty and happiness and you have to hold onto the good moments. This journey we have been on would never have been possible to survive without the kindness we recieved along the way. We will spend the rest of our lives paying that forward and it will still never be enough. Be Kind ALWAYS