Madison Peach Steiner has made it her mission to challenge perceptions of various labels. She approaches this complex issue through the idea of labels. There are labels we give to ourselves and there are labels we give to others. We all experience some degree of what it feels like to be labeled and to label others.

Madison’s focus on labels began at an early age when she dropped out of high school after feeling disconnected from her peers and teachers. The cause of her disconnect came in the form of an unimaginable crime, date rape. The event itself and the subsequent trauma were enough to change Madison forever. But how would she be changed?

With support from her family she was able to begin taking steps toward recovery. But to do this she had to think about who she was. High school dropout? Victim? Some people chose to see her as these things. Were these her labels? Or was she someone who could live beyond these labels; was she someone with immense value; someone with a world of love and compassion to share; someone who could help people enduring some of life’s greatest challenges?

Madison is the founder of Peach’s Neet Feet. PNF is known for putting compassion into action and brightening the faces of children who need it the most. Madison’s mission started with using art to create custom, hand painted shoes to celebrate children fighting cancer and living with disabilities. She has given selflessly for over 3 years.

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