At the beginning of December, we donated 31 quilts to Peach’s Neet Feet.

Peach’s Neet Feet brings joy into the lives of children who have experienced great hardship in the form of chronic illness and disability. Each pair of Peach’s Neet Feet is custom and hand-painted. Every shoe is customized to complement each child’s life, interest, and courageous fight. They are given to children living with disabilities and fighting serious illnesses. These personalized, one of a kind gifts lift the spirits of children and their families. When a child is fighting an illness, the whole family is impacted.
In less than 3 months time, our Heart Builders team made 31 quilts from start to finish to be donated and delivered to kids in need through PNF. It was a very successful last quarter donation of 2016 and was great to deliver right before the holidays!

If you are part of our Heart Builders Team, your time/energy and dedication to our cause has truly helped make a difference in the lives of kids in need. When you buy a box, your 20% is more than just a contribution. We use it to help bring comfort to kids and make them something they may keep for the rest of their lives.

We had an impressive stack that went out to Peach’s Neet Feet & now it’s time to show them off! Enjoy!

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