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I’m a shit talker!

I'm chronically hopeful!

I'm fighting hard to stay alive!!

I am full of passion for the things I hold to be my truths, and those that are woven in my heart. 

 I’m honest, real, and have some raw edges when it comes to talking about the things that spark my fire. 

I talk a lot about the death, pain and grief and other things that make me human.

I cuss a lot.

I believe a full belly laugh can reset the soul. 

I believe there are hugs that feel like a life jacket in a sea where you are drowning.

I have a propensity to have hope for the underdog.

My Bear swooped my heart over 25 years ago and I am so damn lucky!!


  • Stained Glass
  • Willie Nelson
  • Harper Lee
  • Honest conversations about death and sex
  • Diet Coke
  • Sarcasm
  • A well placed cuss word


  • Humidity 
  • Narrow minded people
  • Romance Novels
  • Being Ghosted
  • Tight Wasted pants