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Strong is The New Pretty: A Celebration of Girl

Microcosm Publishing

Strong is The New Pretty Book: A Celebration of Girl- It shouldn't be this radical to see photos of girls being fearless, girls being silly, wild, stubborn, proud, and joyful - because these are girls just being girls. This book's bold dedication to authenticity is sorely needed in this world.

Best-selling coffee table book with 175+ color photos & text; great for all ages. Paperback.


Strong is The New Pretty: A Guided Journal or Girls- An interactive journal for girls aged 8-12 to discover and celebrate their strengths. Each page features a prompt addressing a kid's sense of self, emotions, dreams, goals, and inspirations. Pages include instructions to do something nice for someone and write about it, write down what you liked best about the last book you read, draw a picture of yourself as a superhero, invent a new language, list three things that make you unique and different, and many more.