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Your everyday single mom tumbling through life with my mighty moon and rough and tough little cowboy. I am a true introvert but I love the presence of good humans and good music in the background.

I am Jewish so I don’t tell stories without every little, unnecessary detail left out. I hand write my to-do lists and forget to look at them. I pretend to be an artist in my free time (what is free time?). I have signed my name as founder for a nonprofit for the last 10 years and I am a full time student. I was swallowed by severe PPD (Postpartum Depression) after my second babe was born a month early (#NICUmama), that pushed me into a corner of a dark room that I thought I’d never escape. During those few months, I was robbed of time that I will never get back so I am on a quest to find ways to spend my time with more intention and compassion. 

Hi my name is Madison and I am happy to be here falling madly in love with being called “mama”,  learning the art of self-care (mamas, you feel me), overthinking everything, hugging my emotion exploding toddler extra tight, rocking my baby in the middle of the night for no reason, hustling kindness, staying up way too late, and drinking way too much coffee. 


  • Honey in my coffee 
  • Stealing like an artist 
  • Being a mom 
  • Snacks 
  • Good intentions
  • & making lists 


  • Naps 
  • Narrow minded people 
  • When the rainbow is out of order 
  • Being told I’m grumpy, when I’m grumpy 
  • When the battery dies 
  • & snaps on baby clothes