“This Little Light of Mine” Organic Cotton Tee

“This Little Light of Mine” Organic Cotton Tee

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Note: Onesies run large - Size Down.

This beige onesie is 100% organic cotton and all things bugs, because... Well, Little Love Bug Company


Fireflies, because as a child my cousin and I caught fireflies when I would visit the midwest and to this day is one of my favorite childhood memories. This tradition has passed on to my littles who love catching fireflies when we go back to visit family


A mason jar, because if you come to my house you'd see... I'm obsessed with all things mason jar. It's our water glasses, my vases, my little's bug catching necessity, dinner left over holder, cold brew coffee cup - You name it


And lastly, but definitely not least - "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine", because I truly believe each little bug of ours is a light that each of us strive to let shine



Gina Zahn, advice to other humans out there: "no matter what you enjoy... whether that be a cooking beautiful meal, building a website, writing a poem, growing flowers in a garden, plucking strings, organizing a living space, or even shaping little humans... JUST DO IT. No other living creature has this unique ability to create & you are worthy of the delight of play in this world!"