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My name is Nichele. I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister and certified nurse-midwife. I absolutely love what I was born to do. I have a great appreciation for placentas, I’m well known for my love for them. 

I love hustling kindness because we don’t know what people are going through daily and showing kindness may change how someone views the world at that time. I am a proud healthcare provider, and appreciate all the hard work EVERY employee of the healthcare system does. 

Did you know that you can recharge the heart of a person that works in healthcare by a simple “Thank you,” so please help us recharge our heroes hearts and passion with a small gift of kindness or sense of humor (which we love!).  I am a supporter of people, especially women, doing big things! Empowered women, empower women! 

Likes: Midwifery, placentas, the tree of life, uterus, ovaries, cervix, pregnancy, being kind, health care workers, nurses, hospital staff, clinic staff, sense of humor, nutrition, higher education support, diversity, providing education about our body functions, family, positive role models, teamwork, science

Dislikes: snakes, close minded people, being a night owl, places with TONS of people