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Madison is a young philanthropist who wants to live a purposeful life, to motivate others to Hustle Kindness®, and to change the world. At a young age Madison discovered that no matter what labels were assigned to her, the most important label was the one she gave herself. This discovery led to her cultivating the label of “Kindness Ambassador,” which in turn inspired the creation of Peach’s Neet Feet (PNF).

The mission of Peach’s Neet Feet (PNF) is to bring joy into the lives of children who have experienced hardship in the form of chronic illness, and disability. Madison’s vision for PNF is to create a kindness cultural revolution. She leads by example and shows, tangibly, that even the smallest acts of kindness can have a large impact. Whether through our beautiful, personalized, hand painted shoes, outreach parties, or care packages, PNF aims to arouse compassion and to encourage others to Hustle Kindness®.

Madison shares a message of hope. Her invitation to live an intentional life transcends age, and may be heard in preschool classrooms to Fortune 500 companies. Groups both large and small have benefited from hearing Madison’s story, and have joined her in her call to Hustle Kindness®. Madison has shared her passion at TEDxABQ, The Chopra Foundation’s Sages & Scientists Symposium, HSF Youth Leadership Summit in London, and schools throughout the U.S. She has also been the recipient of the 2015 Hyundai (in partnership with Time, Inc./Real Simple) “Agent of Change”; the 2014 Sheckler Foundation “Be the Change” award; the 2012 Good Samaritan Real Heroes award; and was chosen as the winner of the 2012 Random Acts of Kindness Foundation’s Extreme Kindness Challenge.

If you are interested in learning more about having Madison speak at your next event, please contact us at or 505-486-9299.

What people have said…

Every once in a while a voice emerges on the scene that transforms how we understand courage. Madison Steiner is such a voice. Madison's voice and message suspends time, inviting each of us into the lives of children in a way that breaks open our hearts and our own human potential. I listened to Madison talk about her journey and where this road has taken it and it left me transformed. If you want to watch your audience rise to its feet and know that beauty and change are possible, look no further than Madison Peach Steiner.

Kathy LeMay,
Raising Change, LLC

Thank you Peach for speaking and sharing from the heART at our HSF Youth Leadership Summit, in the UK this year. You inspired 180 youth leaders from around the world with your personal journey of transformation and true service leadership. The feedback from the the participants has been phenomenal and I look forward to serving with you again.

Harry Singha,
Founder & Chairman of the Board Harry Singha Foundation

Madison "Peach" Steiner captured the heart of the Farmington High School student body with her presentation during our assembly. She spoke from the heart with stories of courage from her own life as well as from lives of many she has encountered through her Peach's Neet Feet organization. She kept over thirteen hundred high school students on the edge of their gym bleacher seats listening intently to her words of encouragement to "live beyond their labels". Afterward, they reported wanting to hear more from her.

She engages students through multimedia, audience participation/volunteer segments, question and answer pieces, and hard hitting anecdotes. However, this is not a flashy" performance with "tricks and gimmicks", but instead this presentation strikes clearly and plainly at the heart of many of the deep rooted issues in the heart of every young person.

Her life example backs up her message completely. I recommend her presentation highly and without reservation.

Mr. Tim Kienitz,
Farmington High School Principal

I am grateful for this opportunity to write about Madison Peach Steiner's commitment to changing the world through kindness. Peach is passionate about making a difference, and her passion shines its brightest when she is engaging and encouraging young people, persuading them to get involved. She believes in everyone's potential and seeks to empower even her youngest listener. I've watched her share her soul while speaking in various settings from a room of middle school students, to a packed auditorium, to my son and former students in one-on-one conversations. Always, those with whom she interacts feel called to action, realizing that their small acts of kindness and improve their classroom, school, and community.

Celeste Murray,
English Language Arts Teacher, Tibbetts Middle School

When people listen to Madison Peach Steiner speak, they are inspired to do more, guided on how they can be more, and given new insight. She shares stories and images that change the way people think about the world, and their place in it. I have watched her speak to large groups of over 1600 students, and small groups of just 16 students, and every time I have looked into the audience and witnessed rapt attention and the look of understanding that is unmistakable. Her words are moving and relatable to young people, a rare gift.

Lisa Renner,
MA School Counselor

Madison came to speak to my 8th grade National Junior Honor Society students. What a joy! It was so very inspiring to watch these young students listen and learn from someone who is making a difference in the world. After speaking, she challenged my students to be role models and spread kindness. Hearing my students share their RAK plan made my heart happy. The world is a better place because of Peach!

Erin Gockel,
8th Grade Teacher