Peach Parties


Peach Parties are a fun time for children and families to connect with each other, PNF staff, their community and meet new friends that have shared experiences. They offer the community an opportunity to get involve in a platform of kindness and celebrating others. The parties last for approximately two-three hours and offer up to ten fun stations for arts, crafts, fellowship, and fun!

Peach Parties are also fantastic opportunity for us to share in greater detail our mission and what we do. We also enjoy having time to assist parents in filling out shoe applications, measuring feet, and also helping these courageous kiddos come up with awesome art ideas for their personalized kicks. Delivering shoes to children will also be done at this time when possible.

Peach Parties are about meeting the kids, meeting and connecting the families, bringing people together based on a positive impact, and spreading the heARt and kindness that Peach’s Neet Feet embodies.

If you are interested in hosting or sponsoring a PNF Peach Party at your hospital or community center, with the Peachy Crew, and all the art, hope and kindness we can pack in a bag, contact us at 505.486.9299 or email info@hustlekindness.com for pricing and date availability. We would love to meet courageous fighters all over the US!

Peach Party Testimonials

It was a phenomenal afternoon at the Zappos campus! There was so much positive energy between the volunteers, the kids, and their families that every face had a giant smile. It was amazing to see how some of the kids started out quiet and unsure, hiding behind their sunglasses even, then opened up as the party progressed, taking off their sunglasses and feeling like they belonged. The kids and families loved meeting Peach and you could see the special attention she gave every single person she talked to. The staff of volunteers were so thoughtful and attentive, no child lacked for something fun to do or see. Thank you PNF for spreading such awesomeness!

Jessica Foti,

Peach parties are a magical time where kids of all abilities and their families come together and celebrate, do art, play, share, support and form new ties to others in the community. Laughter and joy abound. Peach and her crew exemplify kindness and do an amazing job of making everyone feel welcome and special!

Karen McCord,
Pediatric Physical Therapist, Rady Children’s Hospital

Thank you to Zappos, Peach & Crew, As we were leaving the party, Tanner exclaimed ‘BEST PARTY EVER!’ I asked him why, and he said that he could feel the love from everyone. We had the best time! Thank you for your kindness and compassion.

Star Winward,

The PNF party at Children’s of Alabama was a huge success! The kids loved getting to meet “Peach” and the crew! They are all very excited about their shoes and cannot wait for them to arrive! Everything about the party was very well done! Some of the kids lit up like I have never seen before. Thank you so much for taking the time to make our kids feel special!!

Katie Green,
Child Life Specialist

A year ago we attended out first Peach Party. There were amazing warrior kids, crafts, and a sprinkle of Peach Magic. We only knew one other family at the time, but as we talked to other families, each battling their own war, listening to how each parent had to watch their child struggle in some way, we formed bonds and friendships. As our children played and crafted, we heard each other, and our own eyes and hearts were opened even more to the struggles of others. We have since created a community with these families, our kids get together, we rally around each other, we are aware of each other. Because this sweet Peach gathered us from various areas, diagnosis, and walks of life, our personal community has grown larger and even fuller. I can honestly say that attending that first Peach Party changed our lives.

Tracy Alexander,

Attending a Peach party is a rewarding experience for the entire family. For the child with an illness or disability it is a chance for them to socialize with other kiddos that are on a journey full of medical appointments, therapies and ups and downs. For the siblings it is an opportunity for them to meet and talk to other siblings, a place to play like ALL the kids or a time to give back and volunteer at the party where they meet other kiddos with extra special needs. For the parents not only is a Peach party a great forum to network with other parents to learn about new procedures, services and doctors, but a time for them to see all of their child full of smiles, hope and love.


Thank you so much for having us at the Celebrate Others Carnival. All of my girls had a wonderful time and it brought so much Joy to me to see them having a blast! I’m also grateful for the opportunity to connect with other moms in the community who are also on the same journey.


The Sheckler Foundation attended a Peach’s Neet Feet “Peach Party” and found that this was more than just an average party. PNF has created a community where children with cancer, severe health issues and long term disabilities are not on the outside looking in, they are the life of the party and they are ALL loved and accepted as they are. These kids look forward to seeing each other, they stay in touch, they have become a big extended family. You will see smiling kids in wheelchairs chasing each other, kids battling cancer having their face painted, and parents connecting on a level that only they can understand having children going through the same thing. It’s a time when everyone is “normal”, a time they cherish. We are proud to support Peach’s Neet Feet and the amazing work they are doing to be the change they want to see in the lives of these children.

Angelique Lamoso Zaki,
Executive Assistant to CEO

Our family has been so fortunate to have been able to attend several Peach parties and become a part of the Peach’s neat feet family. The crew is so inspiring as they selflessly come together to celebrate and serve others. The parties are so much fun, and always so encouraging. You leave with so much joy and discover through their overwhelming and genuine kindness that dreams really can come true.

Karen Orr,