Support Peach's Neet Feet


1. First, and foremost, be a compassionate human.

2.   Come by the HK/HQ (110 West Main), and donate time, talent and/or goods.

3. You, or your business can donate services/goods to our mission.

4. Hang our informational flyers in your office or workroom.

5. Buy a Hustle Kindness® shirt for yourself, or custom shirts for your business/school/organization , and spread the message.

6.   Wear your Hustle Kindness® shirts on Friday and post them on your favorite social media site with #hustlekindness so it spreads the message to others

7.   Or post about Peach’s Neet Feet and Hustle Kindness® on social media any day of the week. Kindness needs to be shared, on social media and to other media outlets.

8.   Find ways to nominate PNF, or our volunteers for exposure for their good deeds, such as CNN Heroes

9.   Donate a percentage of sale proceeds for a period of time (for example a realtor may donate a small percentage of every home sale to PNF. Mortgage companies can do the same!).

10.   Donate items for children’s care packages from our Amazon Wish List .

11. Shop via Amazon Smile and designate Peach’s Neet Feet as your charitable organization

12. Follow us on Facebook , Instagram , twitter or Pinterest

13.   Sponsor a pair of shoes for a child (it’s only $50 or sponsor the work )

14.   Sign up for match funding and list Peach’s Neet Feet as the recipient.

15.   Create a Hustle Kindness Challenge in your community, organization, school or family. Choose 25-50 acts of kindness to perform over a week and make it a fun contest. Document it with #HustleKindnessChallenge

16. For families check out

17. Check out our work with Hustle and HeArt and Young At HeArt !!