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Revive and Thrive Duo Kit

Hustle Kindness

Here's everything you need to feed & strengthen your plants, whatever the season! Slow-release Enrich Powder build strong, resilient roots, while our fast-acting Grow Concentrate brings you lush new leaves!


Enrich powder: 

Plants aren't meant to be grown in pots, and that's why they can get so stressed! Enrich Powder is your secret weapon for building strong, resilient plants.

Sprinkle it on your soil, and let the beneficial fungi and complex nutrients transform your soil into a teeming ecosystem, ripe for growth. Here's why customers love it:

Made by earthworms, not with nasty chemicals Great to use all year round

Slow release fertilizer that's safe for plants and simple

§ Can't burn or overdose

Certified organic

§ Made in the USA = no supply issues!

14 oz (400g): Best for 12-20 plants.

10 groups of beneficial fungi and 3 billion microorganisms per tsp release into the soil to help plants better absorb nutrients. Mycorrhizal Fungi acts as the plants 'messenger', meaning your plant builds a symbiotic relationship with its soil.

For existing plants:

  1. Sprinkle on soil before watering (2 tsp for 3-6" pots, 3 tsp for 7-10", 4 tsp for 10"+).
  2. Water with diluted Grow Concentrate.


Grow Concentrate: 

Kick-start your plants with this highly active, safe and natural plant food. Designed for fast absorption and packed with bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients for speedy growth and healthy plants. Here's why your customers will love Grow Concentrate:

Results = backed by science

§ Can't burn or overdose plants

§ Use on all potted plants, all year round

Certified organic

Made in the USA

Made by earthworms, not with nasty chemicals

8 fl oz (236mL): makes up to 62 gallons.

20 groups of beneficial microbes and over 4 million microorganisms per teaspoon give your plants the biodiversity they crave.

  1. Shake well and add ¼ tsp per quart (32oz) of water to your container.
  2. Add water (for best results: remove chlorine by resting water for 2-3 minutes before adding).
  3. Water soil until liquid drains from the pot.
  4. Repeat when soil feels dry

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