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“We believe that kindness is the thread that connects all of us” –Annie Smith

In our houses we don’t care about:

• How old you are
• Your skin color
• Your sexual preference
• The gender box you check
• What shape you are
• How you speak
• Where you come from
• Where you’re going
• Or which direction you pull your toilet paper

Hustle Kindness Founders

Over the past year we have seen the need for more kindness and compassion in our world.

Here at HK we would like to bring awareness to problems that we face as humans on a daily basis.

·      Bullying

·      Self-love

·      Acceptance

·      Awareness about differences

·      Preserve the Earth

·      Support

We can all strive to make a difference together while giving back to others by shopping our line and joining our Hustle Crew. 

This means that you can feel good with every purchase you make, knowing you are supporting a good cause! We are trying to keep Hustle Fridays going, and giving back to our community.

We hope to take you on a fun and rewarding journey where we can unite, form a family, and tackle some problems in our world.