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Crystal Infused Water Bottles

Hustle Kindness

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For those who believe in the metaphysical properties of healing crystals, having this bottle can significantly improve your energetic field towards the crystal powers.

Amethyst- “all purpose stone” relieves stress/anxiety/headaches/fatigue

Aquamarine- promotes transformation and re-birth. Offers tranquility/serenity/clarity/harmony

Citrine-promotes positivity and optimism. Cleanses your aura and improves mental clarity.

Clear Quartz- amplified entertainment, mental clarity and emotional stability

Rose Quartz- promotes powerful healing, universal love, joy, abundance and prevents thrombosis. Believed for centuries that pregnant women should have rose Quartz around them as it is believed to protect them and their unborn child 

-High Borosilicate Glass

-Hot/cold safe

-Separated crystal section

-Crystals can be removed 

Clear Quartz
Rose Quartz